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5 Quick Tips – Gas Boiler Replacement Dublin


Gas Boiler Replacement Dublin – Well, you have a boiler, a boiler you probably never ordered yourself and one which was most likely pre-installed when you bought your apartment. So, in this blog post we at Gas Boiler Replacement Dublin will list five quick tips to maintain your boiler and in the long term elongate the life of your boiler and ultimately save your hard earned money!

  • Ask the question, how often are you re-ordering your gas, keep a seasonal track every year and compare you current bills against previous years – this quick analyses will tell you if your boiler mail need a service
  • How old is your boiler? Modern boiler have an efficiency level of greater than 90% and pre 2008 gas boilers had an efficiency level of about 78%, and older gas boilers with an even lower efficiency rate. So, if your gas boiler is over ten years old, it may well be worth considering replacing
  • Select the correct boiler in relation to your house size and the number of people in your house or apartment than may need boiling water – order the wrong size gas boiler and you will waste money with the upfront purchase and from a monthly point of view
  • Always make sure your gas boiler replacement Dublin service provider is in fact qualified and is registered with SEAI –
  • Talk…talk to your friends, colleagues and family about other gas boiler replacement experiences they have had in Dublin. They should be able to offer some advice and enlighten you on their own gas boiler experiences!

Gas Boiler Replacement Dublin – Call the Experts….

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give Niall in Operations a call on 085-166 4937. Niall will be able to provide you with a gas boiler replacement quotation throughout Dublin, at no cost and advise you on the best gas boiler to suits your needs now and in the future.

Gas Boiler Replacement Dublin

Gas Boiler Replacement Dublin


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