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Back Boilers

Back Boiler Service Ireland – What is a Back Boiler?


Back Boiler Service Ireland – What is a Back Boiler, why should you consider a Back Boiler and why you should get its regularly serviced?  And if your looking for a back boiler service Ireland, look no further than

If you have a heating stove or an open fireplace which generates hot water, room heat or indeed central heating you will most likely have a back boiler device within your system. And if you wondering where the device is, well it’s as described in the rear of the back boiler.

What are the benefits of a back boiler?

Manufacturers of stoves claim that they have an 80 per cent higher efficiency rate that oil fed boilers. Greater efficiency equal a savings on you’re hard earned cash! From a safety perspective your central heating system must be able to disperse the capture of heat from the stove or fire. For a little more technical information concerning back boilers, see this back boiler link. So, it’s important to get your back boiler serviced. Now, where can you get a back boiler service in Ireland?

A Back Boiler Service Ireland and what’s involved?

There are countless back boiler service companies in Ireland, but make sure they are registered and qualified. Ask for certificates, registration and accreditation – don’t take changes with boilers, fires, stoves. They can be very dangerous if not given the appropriate consideration and respect.

Back Boiler Service Ireland – Contact NT Heating & Plumbing

Boiler Repair Dublin covers back boiler repairs and services in Dublin, Wicklow, Meath, and most counties in Leinster, so feel free to call the team on 01-5397223, email: or fill out the make a back boiler service appointment form.

Our next blog post will look at what is involved in a back boiler service and what questions you should ask your back boiler service company while they are on site. Questions that they should answer with clarity……

Back Boiler Service Ireland

Back Boiler Service Ireland


  1. Helen McMahon says:

    We have a backboiler for 25 years, but how would you know it needs servicing and what is cost involved? Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Helen,

      Sorry for the late response. I hope the below can help in some way.

      Firstly, it depends if it your boiler is solid fuel or gas.

      Some checks include:
      Visual inspection
      Pump replacement is required if the boiler is nearing end of life and if you replace yoru boiler the water circulation will increase immediately.
      Is there a Sludge build up? This will effect boiler efficiency
      Are there any leaks?
      Being honest, 25 years is nearing the end of life of any back boiler.

      If you are looking for a quotation, let us know, give us a quick call and we will arrange a site visit.


  2. Phily says:

    I have an open fire with back has a pump and this does not work, should I get this replaced and is it expensive. Will replacing the pump improve the heating of the rads?

  3. Niall Buckley county cork says:

    I have a leaking back boiler behind an open fire – slight at the moment. 30 years installed. how big a job

  4. Diarmuid says:

    I have an insert boiler stove which has developed a slight water leak in the back wall.Can this be welded or fixed in any way? Thank You

    • admin says:

      Hi Diarmuid,

      The job would be too big to drain and weld, your best option in our experience is a replacement.

      I can be reached directly on 085-1664937 if you would like to discuss.


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